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Narratage preview screening

Another reason why I sometimes wish I live in Japan 😵😩😢😰😭 Good luck to all Japanese Arashians ✌🏻

The BEST timed GIFs ever!

Basically sums-up every fangirl thoughts and feelings towards our 5 adorkbales boys.


These awesome work not mine, credit to /giggles tumblr account

What is our name???


My greatest dream as a fan is to be able to scream from the top of my lungs ARASHI once MJ asks this magical question during their concert...

Arashi (, literally Storm)

Video not mine, credit to Matsumoto Jun Vietnam Fanpage

The Awesome SakuMoto


Simply WOW!

Video not mine, credit to Junbait Palace FB page

Because 嵐 is 嵐


“For myself and perhaps for everyone in Arashi, things like looking attractive and stylish were to be our job.
But we do show sides of ourselves which aren’t attractive or cool.”

-Sakurai Sho

Video not mine, credit to
Matsujun Philippines~Arashi sa Pilipinas FB page

What makes 嵐 happy?


Photos not mine, credit to the owner ;-)

嵐 Japonism Calendar

The project that totally made me a solid fan-girl of these silly yet adorable fab five.
Just want to share even though it's already
Purple month. :-)

Arashi's bakaness on
it's highest level.
But of course, it was directed by none other than Mr. AiBaka himself, so we can't expect nothing less.


Credit to winkychan for scanning :-*

Click genius Aiba's photo to download the whole set ;-)

key: !3wUogCaub6vo0GbDKuP7EljKs_I_zeuHvaIjTL9mYVo

This is MJ <3

Since it is PURPLE month,
feast your eyes on all things

Photos are not mine, credit goes to Matsujun Philippines~Arashi sa Pilipinas.